Housewife Mafia welcomes and encourages submissions from women writers.

Even if you have never written anything before, but think you have something to share that would be of interest
or benefit to other women - SEND IT!

We have some parameters and guidelines set for the type of material we are looking for, but ultimately we
will consider anything that is interesting or funny.  Even if it doesn't fit within our current monthly features, we
will find a place for it if we like it.

A good rule of thumb:

If you think it is funny, inspiring or thought provoking it probably is.  
Don't be reluctant to send work in because you are worried that someone else may not like it.  If it is heartfelt
and earnest it is probably good.  

Also do not let concerns about grammar or perfect writing form slow you down.  
We have a team of professional editors who look everything over and make minimal changes if necessary.

Do not be overly concerned with political correctness.  We are not that uptight.  However we do reserve the
right to reject anything that we find offensive.  
This is extremely rare.  

We never, ever publish hate material.  If you are thinking of sending in work that is
mean spirited, bashing or demoralizing to anyone in anyway, don't send it.


  1. We welcome all writing that suits our editorial mix.
  2. Due to volume, allow several weeks for a response.
  3. Please try to check your spelling and grammar before submitting.
  4. We reserve the right to edit and make corrections to the original work.
  5. Submission does not guarantee publication.
  6. We reserve the right to not publish anything, for any reason, at any time.
  7. If we are not able to use your work we will provide you with an explanation.
  8. Requests to have your writing removed from our site will be granted at Webmasters or Editors
  9. We do not share your contact information with anyone.
  10. We reserve nonexclusive electronic media rights for our website.
  11. You allow first North American Serial rights for any later Housewife Mafia Anthology in print and you
    allow nonexclusive electronic rights for our web site.
  13. Housewife Mafia accepts EMAIL SUBMISSIONS ONLY.
  14. List your name, address, phone and email below the title.
  15. If you would like a link to your web site, indicate so in your submission.
  16. Limit 5 submissions at one time.
  17. We prefer 2500 words or less.
  18. does not pay writers at this time.  However, as every emerging writer knows, it is
    extremely difficult to get published until you have been published.  Your value is getting a nugget on your
    writing resume and getting your name and your work out there.
  19. Published Authors:  We will provide links directly to your website, your publishers page and provide  
    Amazon links to your product.

If your work is rejected remember:

  • We are not the be all and end all to decide what is good.
  • Our themes are planned several  months in advance, and your work just may not fit with what we have
    coming up. Do try again later.
  • You might want to tweak your piece a bit.
  • You may want to try sending a different piece of your work.

NOTE:  Reciprocal arrangements are always nice.
If you are submitting work to promote your own website or product, consider offering a logo link back to
Housewife Mafia.  That is a nice way of making sure that we all do well.
We hope you enjoy reading all the great ideas
& thoughts from women writers in
Women Who Write
as much as we do!
HouseWifeMafia Submission Guidelines

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permission of the Legal Department and all its derivatives have been recognized and documented by the
Library of Congress, Copyright Office, Washington D.C. Copyright HouseWife Mafia Media & Publishing.
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