His feet stunk, too, for years. It was bad enough that your eyes would water
from three rooms away, until someone finally suggested he switch from
colored to white socks. We were very grateful when it solved the problem.
A creature of habit,he spent most Saturdays doing the same thing,
regardless of the weather outside; afternoons in front of the stove making a
pot of chili, evenings parked on the sofa, a huge bowl of popcorn in his lap
laughing at “Hee Haw”, or whatever happened to catch his fancy. Later in
life he moved eight hours away. At least he could make the drive in eight
hours. If you actually did the speed limit, however, it took closer to ten, which
made it hard when he got cancer because responsibilities could not often be
put on hold in order to spend more time with him.

On this, the eve of my fourth Father’s Day without him, I think about all the
things that made him my dad; how much I love him, how much I miss him,
and about how many things I wish I could have done differently those last
thirteen months.

Copyright 2007 Kristy Ullman
By no stretch of the imagination could you call
him perfect. And the man had a simply amazing
temper when provoked. It took a lot to get him
there but when you did, there was no doubt he
was mad. It was that ‘red-in-the-face-veins-
popping-out-of-his-neck’ kind of mad you thought
you only saw in cartoons. What a sight!

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by Kristy Ullman
A story is a way to say
something that can’t be
said any other way,
and it takes every word
in the story to say
what the meaning is

Flannery O’Connor
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