By Lydia Cotz
Ms. Hilton had previously been convicted of reckless driving and driving on a suspended license, for
which she was placed on probation.   She then violated her probation by again driving while
suspended and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. Her attorneys then reduced that sentence to just 23
days.   Now it is up to the judge to order whether she will stay the full term of her sentence.   She was
returned to a medical facility in the L.A. jail and was seen by her psychiatrist and is reportedly taking
psycho tropic drugs for depression and anxiety.

Young women today are increasingly ending up in jail for criminal offenses ranging from
acts like shoplifting, DWI , bank robberies (recently the Barbie Robbers) ,
to murder.
  Women who have been the subject of the media and  paparazzi's glamorous images do
not seem to be immune to the criminal system and the court's intent to mete out justice whether or not
you happen to be a multi millionaire's daughter or a millionairess in your own right.

Society's view of women and the crimes they commit has changed.  
Even a decade ago, there weren't enough female prisons to house female prisoners; women were
transported far away from their families.   Today female correction facilities are being enlarged and
constructed to allow for the increase in female crimes. Still today many  of the crimes for which women
end up in jail are due to substance abuse rather than the violent types of felonies more attributable to
Most females who are arrested are not famous like Paris Hilton or Winona Ryder  
and are subjected to the criminal judicial system without public scrutiny or  outrage, or
for that matter an outpouring of public sympathy. They simply go unnoticed,
unless of
course they are at the mercy of a judge who may sentence them to cleaning state office buildings with
no imprisonment( such as the case of supermodel Naomi Campbell who was convicted of assaulting
her maid.) No one thought that she should serve time and the press was only too delighted to have
cameras rolling when she appeared at work everyday looking more like a runway model instead of a
state prisoner. Was her sanction in someway more denigrating than Hilton's?

We know that Hilton's lawyers are working feverishly to reduce her jail time and to move her to medical
facility because she is reported to be having a nervous breakdown.
Well,  do only the rich and
famous  get special treatment when they can't take the pressures of jail?  Didn't she
know that drunk driving is a serious offense and that the law is strictly enforced with little
 Perhaps she should have wised up and entered rehab like her side kick Nicole Richie,
Brittany or Lindsey Lohan.   They at least have taken some responsibility for their actions.
Unfortunately these young women are media magnets and role models for young girls and sending the
wrong message.
You can't get drunk then drive, then dress up in fancy clothes
and think some how you can get away with it.
While I do not think that public pressure or opinion should dictate to the courts how a judge should rule,
I do think that it is time that all the Hollywood   images  of it's youth drinking and
drugging without  abandon is reckless not sexy.
I think that after Paris Hilton gets out of jail she
should start doing some public appearances (in her prison jumpsuit) about the severe consequences
of drinking and driving. L.A. Superior Court Judge Sauer might be somewhat unpopular, to some but
then again he apparently did not think about his judicial rating with the super rich and famous.

Copyright 2007 by Lydia Cotz
Why so much attention yet again to the celeb/debutante Paris Hilton
going back to jail,
after the judge became furious over the fact that the Sheriff
in Los Angeles decided to release  Hilton  to house arrest?   

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written permission of the Legal Department and all its derivatives have been recognized and
documented by the Library of Congress, Copyright Office, Washington D.C. Copyright HouseWife Mafia Media & Publishing.
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