Miracle:  the very word sparks a frisson of
joy. It sparks hope; it lifts us out of the daily
slog and  gives us reason to go on.

I am convinced because of experience,
but at the end of the day, I am a Believer by choice. I
choose hope. And faith. I am as alert for the
miraculous as a coyote at a gopher hole. In such
belief I find comfort, true, but I also find the evidence
I seek: believing is seeing.

Faith feeds back upon itself.

The more miracles I see, the more I believe;

the more I believe, the more I see.

Within that circle of faith lies a numinous
seed: all things are possible.
Why I Believe in Miracles
Margaret Mills

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Miracles. An old friend calls at the very moment we were thinking of her, the check
comes in the mail in the nick of time, we find the perfect outfit on sale.  We pause,
we wonder: a miracle? Miracle: “An extraordinary event manifesting divine
intervention in human affairs.” Well, I've seen my share of the extraordinary.
Haven't we all? It ranges from the mundane miracle of holding a newborn, to the
wonders of creation: sky, mountains, flora and fauna in all their glory; to quantum
physics and the elegance of the universe.
It is, however, the personal, serendipitous events –
that perfect outfit – that give us a sense that we are, after all,
not alone in the cosmos. These are the coincidences that hint
at Someone watching out for our welfare, arranging small
blessings, intervening in human affairs. The stories I can tell  –
of the time we drove a pickup across four hundred miles of
desert on five cylinders and a broken timing chain. Or that
spring we were in dire financial straits, needing new shoes for
a young son. On a trip to an old gravel pit high in the Cascade
mountains, I found a billfold stuffed with money next to a snow
bank -  with the owner's name. We returned it, and he
rewarded us with enough to cover the shoes. And then there
was that time...but perhaps we should move on to the real deal,
those events that cause us to light candles, offer prayers of
thanks, and humbly take stock of our priorities. These are the
awe-inspiring miracles: the life-threatening disease in
unexpected remission, the lost child restored, the financial
windfall, the transformed life.
Evidence of the miraculous lies in plain view all around us if
we have “eyes to see and ears to hear.”
Miracles. The cynical, material minds do explain them
away. Others – great theologians and apologists - are
able to defend them, but even such able defense fails to
connect us to the numinous. We don't believe in miracles
because of convincing arguments. Numinous: “filled with a
sense of the presence of divinity.”

It is for this presence we hunger, a hunger only
fulfilled by experience. It is when the miraculous does
occur in our own personal sphere that we are convinced.

Miraculous events brush us softly with the holy.
We are touched, for a moment, with the divine
presence who intervenes in human affairs.

I believe because I've experienced such extraordinary
These are amazing works of grace.
We would be remiss not to acknowledge them,
worse to explain them away.
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